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Last updated Fri 15th March 15:32

Brass Castle - Bad Kitty - 5.5% B18
A chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Five Points - Railway Porter - 4.8% B02
London style porter.
Salcombe - Island Street Porter - 5.9% B02
A rich and velvety porter with a blend of eight malts producing hints of dark chocolate, coffee and black cherry which combined with British hops, creates an aroma reminiscent of Black Forest gateaux.
Salcombe - Lifesaver - 4.8% B02
This tasty bronze coloured ale has a pleasant malty flavour with a smack of citrus and orange peel. The initial citrus flavour gently fades into a subtle liquorice and toffee character with a floral finish.
Wishbone - Greenflute - 4.2% B18
A Gluten Free beer, very light in colour Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe. Unfined 5% When we say Gluten Free, this is naturally brewed Gluten Free and Lab tested