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Adnams - Broadside - 4.7% B12
Brewed with Pale Ale malt and First Gold hops, Broadside is a dark ruby red beer rich in fruitcake aromas, almonds and conserved fruit.
Adnams - Dark Side of the Moon - 5% B12
Stout with marshmallow, coconut, and lactose, aged on oak chips
Adnams - Freewheel - 3.6% B12
A straw-coloured English summer ale with aromas of citrus and peaches, beautifully balanced by a touch of gooseberry on the finish. Brewed using pale ale malt and golden naked oats and a wonderful combination of English hops – Ernest, Jester and Endeavour.
Adnams - Ghost Ship - 4.5% B12
This beer has good assertive pithy bitterness with a malty backbone and a lemon and lime aroma. Brewed with some Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Munich and some Wheat malt. We use Columbus and Chinook hops and a new hop called Citra, responsible for adding great lime flavours.
Adnams - Mosaic - 4.1% B12
This pale blonde has bags of personality with bold mango, peach, lemon and pine flavours and a dry hoppy finish.
Adnams - Southwold Bitter - 3.7% B12
Southwold Bitter is a beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness. Brewed with the finest East Anglian malted barley, sourced locally to the brewery.
Allendale - Gluten Free Pale Ale - 4.3% B04
A full flavoured pale ale featuring aromatic American and Australian hops for a bold fruity flavour. Brewed with 100% malted Sorghum, a naturally gluten free grain.
Arkells - Arkells 3B - 4% B11
Originally known as Arkells Best Bitter Beer. First brewed in 1910 and affectionately known as BBB or 3B by customers ever since. A copper coloured Ale with a pleasant fruity and malty nose. It has a lingering bittersweet flavour of balanced Maris Otter malt and traditional Fuggles and Golding hops.
Arkells - Hoperation IPA - 4.2% B11
A blend of English and American hops brought together to create a powerful hop flavour in this Pale Ale with oats and wheat in the grist to provide a smooth rounded finish.
Ashover - Littlemoor Citra - 4.1% B08
Clean, pale, crisp & refreshing pale session beer. Brewed using the ever popular Citra hop full of zesty citrus flavours
Barngates - Goodhew's Dry Stout - 4.3% B09
Dark, rich roasted malts, liquorice aroma, dry on the tongue, brewed using English hops.
Batemans - XB - 3.7% B06
Classic amber, English pale ale crafted by the fusion of luscious English Golding and Challenger hops with crisp Lincolnshire pale and chocolate malts, slowly matured to create a grainy quaffable beer.
Beartown - Cub - 5.2% B02
Unchained mango and stone fruit palate. Mosaic and Citra hopped
Bedlam - Amagansett APA - 5% B11
Brewed with classic aromatic hops, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo, this is a quintessential American Pale Ale rich with the bouquet of citrus, melon, apricot and peach bouquet. A complex malt bill introduces some higher sugars, giving it a full body and balancing the strength of the hops.
Beermats - Ultimate - 4.9% B04
Deep red in colour, this bold, full-bodied ale is the ultimate drink. Smooth, malty flavours, subtly infused with spices and a sweet honey finish
Bewdley - Worcestershire Sway - 5% B03
A stronger version of Worcestershire Way, this pale golden beer is sweeter and full bodied.Brewed using Celeia, Worcestershire First Gold and Fuggles hops
Big Hand - Appaloosa - 4.5% B11
Our take on the American Pale Ale. Centennial and Mosaic cosying up to each other in a rich malty body
Big Hand - Pendragon - 3.9% B11
A malty amber body balanced against a crisp, clean bitterness. Biscuity sweetness from the malt provides the foundation for the blend of citrussy American hops that this beer showcases.
Big Hand - Smokin' Gun Porter - 4.8% B11
Smoked porter with roast and smoked flavours and floral hints
Big Smoke - Solaris Session Pale - 3.8% B04
A light bodied pale ale with plenty of hop kick. Notes of grapefruit, citrus and pine and a crisp, dry finish
Black Isle - Rhuby Tuesday - 4% B18
Packed with organic rhubarb from our brewery garden to create a crisp, tart, thirst-quencher
Black Isle - Yellowhammer - 3.9% B06
A refreshing straw coloured beer with a flinty grapefruit aroma brewed to slake the mightiest thirst. Does not contain brightly coloured hammers, but packed with hops for a big hit
Black Tor - Raven - 4.2% B09
Chestnut coloured rich malty session ale brewed with all English hops
Boudicca - The Red Queen - 4.5% B05
Red ale with rye for the Autumn. Fruit, berries and hops on the nose, tangy fresh hop and crystal rye notes on the palate, and linger temptingly in the finish.
Bragdy Twt Lol - Glo in the Dark - 4.5% B08
A smooth dark ale, brewed with US hops including Columbus, Centennial, Mosaic and Citra and US style yeast. By using de-husked dark malt this lovely dark beer feels much lighter than you'd expect with crisp fresh hoppy notes.
Bragdy Twt Lol - Twti Ffrwti - 4% B08
A light golden ale brewed with Mosaic and Chinook hops, imparting fruity mango and grapefruit like flavours and aromas.
Brass Castle - Bad Kitty - 5.5% B18
A chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Brass Castle - Bad Kitty - 5.5% B05
A chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter.
Brewsmith - Nelson Sauvin Pale - 4.2% B06
Refreshingly bitter and hoppy pale ale. Vanilla and grapefruit aromas from the Nelson hops
Brewsmith - Oatmeal Stout - 5.2% B06
A full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.
Brewsters - Hop a DoodleDoo - 4.3% B06
A copper coloured ale, brewed with four malts and three hops. It has a full bodied feel and a delicious fruity hop character.
Bridge House - Pale Bandit - 3.6% B03
A gluten free blonde ale with smooth citrus flavours and a light palate
Brimstage - Trappers Hat Bitter - 3.8% B05
A refreshingly hoppy session beer. Gold coloured with a complex bouquet, it provides a mouthful of fruit zest, with hints of orange and grapefruit.
Brown Cow - Captain Oates Mild - 4.5% B05
A dark mild brewed with a complex mix of malts and oats giving a wonderful depth of flavour, well balanced with undertones of coffee and chocolate and a full finish.
Bull of the Woods - Inca Gold - 4% B04
A smooth malty quaffable golden ale with subtle citrus hops.
Bull of the Woods - Vapour Trail - 4.3% B04
A pale ale that has the character of citrus fruits giving it a clean fresh taste and an assertive bitter finish. Brewed with UK Cascade, US Jarrylo, & German Mandarina Bavaria hops
Bullhouse - Cecil the Vessel (Citra) - 5% B05
Pale with a 15g/L Citra Dry Hop using the famous Vermont Ale yeast. Pillowy, almost chalky mouthfeel. Drinks like a DIPA but with a lower ABV
Bullhouse - Road Trippin' - 4% B18
Our season-long Pale Ale aims to provide balance between bold flavour and easy drinkability. It's full of rounded tropical fruit flavours with a soft juicy finish and low bitterness.
Buntingford - Hurricane - 4.3% B06
A best bitter with a malty toffee character and a pleasant refreshing fruity bitterness. Brewed with Maris Otter pale ale malt, crystal malt, and English Phoenix & First Gold hops.
Buntingford - Oatmeal Stout - 4.4% B06
Brewed in the style of a traditional English stout - plenty of oats for softness, and not too much roasted flavour.
Burning Soul - Coconut Porter - 7% B03
Brewed with English malts, roasted coconut and Sorachi Ace hops this beer delivers a big dark chocolate and roast coconut aroma with all the tastes from well-balanced porter-roasted malt, chocolate and hints of coffee paired with a silky smooth coconut hit on the finish to make for a full luxurious flavour.
Burning Soul - Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pale - 5.8% B18
This is the raspberry version of our popular Ice Cream Pale Ale, a creamy hazy pale ale with Vanilla and Raspberry Puree for raspberry ripple ice cream flavors. Contains Lactose.
Burton Bridge - Stairway to Heaven - 5% B04
A golden hoppy beer with a full smooth flavour using only the finest English hops.
Butcombe - Butcombe Original - 4% B04
Notably bitter with a hoppy, malty, citrus and slightly sulphurous aroma
Butt's - Organic Jester - 3.5% B09
A light and refreshing session beer
Byatt's - Regal Blond - 5.2% B03
Plenty of tropical fruits and good bitterness.
Cairngorm - Black Gold - 4.4% B06
A Scottish stout with a wonderful rich dark colour. A smooth full bodied beer with subtle bitterness giving way to late sweetness and underlying roast barley hints.
Cairngorm - Caillie - 3.8% B06
Pale & golden with a subtle malt background and a long lasting citrus hop bitterness, smooth with lots of condition. A refreshing, light, hoppy session ale!
Calverleys - Porter - 5% B09
Robust porter with chocolate and coffee notes from the malt hopped with Cascade.
Carlisle - Flaxen - 4.5% B09
A hoppy blonde session beer. Brewed with three hop varieties. A good tasty bitter with friendly overtones. Light and refreshing.
Castle Rock - Preservation - 4.4% B04
Brewed to the traditional East Midlands style. Mid-brown / reddish easy drinking full flavoured best bitter is well rounded with some residual sweetness which is balanced with a resinous hop character. A hugely popular beer that deserves to be savoured!
Cellar Head - Flapjack - 4.7% B08
A buttery rich, smooth stout, loaded with plenty of oats and roasted malts. The gentle sweetness from golden syrup, is a perfect reminder of everyone’s favourite home baked biscuit. Being expertly balanced and rounded this dark ale is particularly moreish
Chapeau - Attrition - 5.5% B03
A hazy APA with generous hop forward aroma and flavour complemented by a spicy rye finish.
Chapeau - Slip Stream - 3.5% B03
Amber coloured, session bitter. Caramel malt flavours with a zesty bitter finish
Charnwood - American Pale Ale (APA) - 4.8% B06
Three classic American hops, Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook, give this pale ale a robust hoppy aroma and bitterness.
Church End - Fallen Angel - 5% B03
A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter. Bucket fulls of American hops, give it that lemony edge
Coniston - Oliver's Light Ale - 3.4% B09
This commemorative beer is a light straw coloured, easy drinking mild, subtly hopped with Whitbread's Golding variety hop and brewed using only the finest malt and a generous amount of demerara sugar.
Conwy - Rampart - 4.5% B05
Floral aromas followed by a long lasting sweet malty finish with hints of burnt caramel.
Cornish Crown - Porter - 5.2% B09
Rich dark and sumptuous with a good handful of luxurious flavour from Madagascar Bourbon vanilla
Cromarty - Atlantic Drift - 3.5% B06
Session strength pale brewed to showcase the great American hop - Amarillo. Amber malt is added to the mash to give an extra dimension and a biscuit base, then the zesty orange and pithy bitterness from the Amarillo takes you for a ride
Cumbrian Legendary Ales - Loweswater Gold - 4.3% B09
A true golden ale it is brewed using three malts including lager and Maris Otter together with German hops.Bursting with tropical flavour it is an outstanding beer.
Dancing Man - Bone Dry - 3.4% B06
A great little session IPA with bright fruity flavour and aroma. Crisp and fresh, and perfect for all afternoon
Double Barrelled - Pocket Money - 5.5% B18
This Rhubarb & Custard gose, aims to evoke memories of penny sweets and classic rhubarb & custard flavour. Subtly sour, the earthy rhubarb is balanced with the creaminess of the vanilla & ginger, all with a thick custard mouthfeel.
Double Barrelled - Wiffle Ball - 6% B18
Loads of cacao nibs balanced with a modest amount of vanilla offers indulgence for the colder months
Downton - Chocolate Orange Delight - 5.8% B03
This old ale has distinctive chocolate and orange flavours which work excellently against a rich, hoppy background.
Driftwood Spars - Blackheads Mild - 3.8% B09
Traditional mild with Smokey malt flavours and peppery after taste. The Blackheads are so called due to their motorcycle helmets. They are the locals who hang out at the Driftwood and ensure a warm and friendly welcome to bikers, walkers, dogs and others.
Eight Arch - Corbel - 5.5% B18
A highly hopped India Pale Ale brewed with massive amounts of Mosaic hops from the U.S. giving a huge hit of tropical fruit aromas and flavours
Electric Bear - Werrrd - 4.2% B04
Light gold colour, this is a well-balanced, crisp, fruity session ale.
Electric Bear - Whirly Bird - 5.2% B04
A zingy little pale, hopped with two of our favorite little cones. Ripe grapefruit, Pineapple, Apricot and a healthy dose of evergreen pine breeze over the nose. As refreshing as a walk through the trees
Elmtree - Nightlight Mild - 5.7% B05
An old style mild, strong but carefully hopped to allow the malts to flourish. Liquorice hints balance the lasting nutty finish.
Elusive - Punch Out Round 4 - Mosaic, Rakau & Nelson - 4.3% B18
A hazy Pale Ale fermented with our house NE-style IPA yeast combination. The Mosaic, Nelson & Rakau hops in this edition bring notes of citrus, stone fruit and gooseberry.
Elusive - Spellbinder Coffee Porter - 6% B09
A traditional London-style Porter infused with a single-variety whole bean coffee from artisanal producer HasBean
Farmageddon - Mosaic IPA - 6.3% B05
Our Mosaic IPA is a light bodied, straw coloured and dry IPA. The grain bill leaves nowhere for the essence of the hop to hide. Expect tropical fruit, citrus and resinous pine, backed up with a lasting bitterness.
Farr - Chief Jester - 3.6% B06
Created using an exciting new strain of hop called 'Jester' which has a fragrant, punchy aroma of new world proportions, with flavour notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits. Combined with WGV bittering hops and carefully selected grains, we have created an easy drinking pale session ale that is tasty, refreshing and light in colour
Firebird - Parody - 4.5% B03
The big malt base of this amber ale acts as a great foundation to a storm of modern and traditional hops yielding powerful bitterness, huge aroma and long satisfying finish. A true Session IPA
Five Points - Best - Fuggles - 4.1% B02
A single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with with a different British grown variety each quarterA single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with with a different British grown variety each quarter. This version brewed with Fuggles hops
Five Points - Best - Fuggles - 4.1% B02
A single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with with a different British grown variety each quarterA single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with with a different British grown variety each quarter. This version brewed with Fuggles hops
Five Points - Best - Goldings - 4.1% B02
A single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with with a different British grown variety each quarter. This version brewed with Goldings hops
Five Points - Best - Goldings - 4.1% B02
A single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with with a different British grown variety each quarter. This version brewed with Goldings hops
Five Points - Extra Pale Ale (XPA) - 4% B02
A juicy, tropical Extra Pale Ale, dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy hops.
Five Points - Pale Ale - 4.4% B02
American style pale ale, using Amarillo, Centennial and Citra hops.
Five Points - Railway Porter - 4.8% B02
London style porter.
Fixed Wheel - Mild Concussion - 5.5% B03
Strong mild brewed with a plethora of speciality and high dried malts, big toffee and caramel flavors on a light malt base, big fruity finish, a beer with layers of flavors yet light and easy drinking.
Flower Pots - Perridge Pale - 3.6% B06
A light straw colour with a subtle twist of citrus hop. A very refreshing beer with a perfect clean finish.
Geipel Brewing - Dunkelweizen - 5.2% B18
A dark version of the traditional cloudy wheat beer of Bavaria. With at least 50% wheat malt, it has a very different flavour to barley based beers. But it's the unique yeast that gives it flavours of banana, bubblegum, clove and coriander.
Gorgeous - Glowfly - 4% B14
Malty body with a firm bitterness and a toffee sweetness leading to a mild fruity finish.
Gorgeous - Greaseball APA - 5.4% B14
Resinous pine and citrus notes. Hoppy & flavourful with a lingering finish.
Grain - Empire Slate - 9.3% B05
This brew is an imperial version of our popular smoked porter, Slate. We have used the same recipe, but turned the volume up to 11. The result is a port-like aroma with subtle smoky notes. Rich and full but utterly drinkable, all those roasted chocolate flavours of slate are enhanced by the extra punch from the 9.3% of alcohol
Grain - Redwood - 4.3% B05
A rich red bitter that beautifully balances roasted malts with sherbert grapefruit hoppiness
Grainstore - Rutland Panther - 3.4% B04
Refreshing well balanced dark mild, whose chocolate and fruity flavours compliment its roasted long bitter finish..
Great Heck - Shankar IPA - 5.9% B05
Pale IPA with good bitterness using lots of American Columbus, Chinook, Cascade and Citra for flavour and aroma and dry hopped during fermentation with Columbus, Willamette and Cascade. A bold, hoppy beer.
Great Newsome - Old Fergie - 4.4% B08
Classic brown ale, rich with roast malt, chocolate, toffee and biscuit flavours all prominent. Grassy, resin hop notes come through in the moderate bitterness and aroma to balance the ale, which is set to be a classic like the iconic grey Ferguson tractor that it celebrates
Green Duck - Blackout - 5% B03
Oatmeal Cookie Stout mashed with chocolate chip cookies and shed loads of flaked oats. A decadent velvety mouth- feel and rich chocolate and biscuit flavours
Grey Trees - Diggers Gold - 4% B08
A golden ale brewed with Marris Otter Pale Malt, with US hops, this gives the beer a subtle bitterness with citrus aroma.
Gyle 59 - Toujours Saison - 4% B08
The mixture of Pale and Vienna malts combine with three different English and German hops to perfectly compliment the earthy, peppery and spicy yeast flavours.
Half Moon - Stout - 5.2% B08
A dark stout, full bodied with an initial sweetness ​and a ​smooth bitter finish
Hanlons - Port Stout - 4.8% B09
An inspired blending of Rich Ruby Port with Hanlon?s award-winning stout.
Harveys - Armada - 4.5% B10
A premium bitter ale with vibrant hop tones. A brewer's choice. In 1988 the Maritime Museum in Greenwich commissioned Harveys to brew a 400th anniversary beer in celebration of the defeat of the Spanish Armada; many of the ships were sunk off the Sussex coast
Harveys - Lewes Castle Brown Ale - 4.8% B10
A traditional full malty 'Brown Ale' with a creamy head. Mild hop notes with a lingering biscuity sweet palate give coffee and liquorice notes. A bitter sweet finish.
Harveys - Sussex Best Bitter - 4% B10
A superbly balanced session bitter with a prominent hop character. Our most famous and popular brand. It makes up over 90% of our total brewing capacity. Winner of the Champion Best Bitter of Britain title at CAMRA's Great British Beers Festival in 2005 and 2006. First brewed as recently as 1955
Hexhamshire - Blackhall English Stout - 4% B04
An almost opaque black stout with coffee tones and a dry, roasty finish
Holdens - Black Country Bitter - 3.9% B03
An impressive golden straw coloured medium bodied ale, brewed using the finest English Maris Otter malts and choicest Fuggles giving a distinctive and assertive hop character, balanced with a fruity palate and a malty finish
Humpty Dumpty - Black Mill IPA - 5% B05
A Cascadian style black beer brewed with four different American Hop varieties
Inveralmond - Bruach Tatha - 2.2% B03
Lower in alcohol. Hazy, malted sweet Scottish ale
Irving - Frigate - 3.8% B06
Golden bitter with citrus hop flavour derived from the addition of English Sovereign and Boudicea hops in the hopback. Complemented by a background sweetness from the subtle use of light crystal and cara-malt
Irving - Iron Duke IPA - 5.3% B06
American-style IPA. Amber in colour with a tropical fruit aroma and flavours with further citrus notes and a bitter finish.
Keltek - Gatekeeper - 5.6% B09
A rich malty porter that uses Kelp foraged from the Cornish coast by the Cornish Seaweed Company. We use a blend of malts to achieve the colour and flavour, as deep as the origins of the Kelp itself
Keltek - Kober - 4.2% B09
English style pale ale, it has a subtle fruitiness and some biscuit malt flavours.
Kent - Prohibition - 4.8% B06
A citrusy pale ale, highly hopped with cocktail of US hops. A tribute to America's contribution to modern brewing.
Kernel - Table Beer - 2.8% B18
A beer brewed for flavour and drinkability. Light, refreshing and low on alcohol, this brew utilises an ever-changing lineup of hops leading to a contrasting yet equally enjoyable experience with every batch
Kettlesmith - Faultline - 4.1% B03
An award-winning, refreshing hoppy pale ale
Kettlesmith - Skyline - 5.6% B03
A complex amber beer with a soft, sweet toffee undertone
Kirkstall - Black Band Porter - 5.5% B03
A full bodied yet beautifully smooth dark porter. Perfectly balanced
Lacons - Audit Ale - 8% B05
This strong dark copper barley wine has a prominent flavour of berry fruit, laced with pronounced spice. The finish is warming, smooth and sweet. A unique style of beer with 'hop wine' overtones
Leatherbritches - Lemongrass & Ginger - 3.8% B06
Golden, citrussy, lemon and a hint of ginger
Ledbury Ales - Ledbury Dark - 3.9% B06
Ledbury Dark has a bitter, chocolate and coffee start with a smooth, mellow finish. The hop and malt mix gives the beer hints of spice, marmalade, and honey.
Leigh on Sea - Crowstone - 5.5% B18
A rich blend of malts gives this distinctive beer its dark colour while serious quantities of New World hops provide flavour and aroma.�
Leigh on Sea - Reknown Cockle Stout - 4% B08
Six different malts, including roasted barley, chocolate malt and rye combine in this easy drinking, lightly roast stout. Fresh Leigh-on-Sea cockles join Magnum and Golding hops in the boil
Little Earth Project - Elderflower Saison 2019 - 5.9% B18
Every May we use the wonderfully aromatic elderflower to flavour one of our beers. This year, we had a mellow Saison ageing in oak that we felt would particularly benefit from the addition of these fresh flowers. The original beer was brewed with our own organic barley a blend of locally grown hops. The low hopping rate allowed a level of sourness to develop over the months it was maturing in oak barrels, resulting in a beer which is highly aromatic, dry, and funky with a sharp finish
Little Valley - Python IPA - 6% B03
Python IPA is a straw coloured, double hopped, original IPA. It provides a strong malty taste with a delicious balance of hops and bitterness. This beer will easily survive the long journey to India.
Lymestone - Foundation Stone - 4.5% B04
A glorious golden pale ale crafted from the finest pale and crystal malts. Faint biscuit and chewy, juicy citrus fruits burst onto the palate then spicy Boadicea and Pilot hops pepper the taste buds leaving a pleasing long and dry bitter finish
Mad Squirrel - De La Creme - 4.5% B06
Dark as a moonless night and smoother than Morgan Freeman in a velvet suit, De La Crème uses added lactose sugar to bring sweet chocolate, caramel and cream flavours to your attention.
Mallinsons - Amarillo - 4.2% B03
One our single hopped range of, using Amarillo hops from the USA. This lovely ale is very pale gold with a light orange citrus nose, bitter orange hop taste and long bitter, dry-ish finish.
Marble - Petite - 2.8% B18
Designed to provide all the punchy hop character of an IPA but at a seriusly sessionable strenght. Dry and light but with oat, Vienna and Munich malts giving body and touch of biscuit sweetness, and big orange, lemon and soft tropical fruit hop character
Marble - Uppe Hela Natten - 5.1% B18
A Macchiato Porter using Takk NorthProjekt v.7 coffee and a dash of lactose. The espresso profile beans lend a subtle hit of sweet caramel and honeydew on the nose whilst adding a rich depth to the complex cacao malt base.
Maxim - Raspberry Porter - 5% B03
Dark ruby beer, smooth full-bodied character, with light chocolate bitterness and sweet raspberry flavours, which combine beautifully and linger gently on the palate
McColls - Petite Belgique - 4.1% B08
This session golden ale is an easy going, relatively simple beer for the summer. Expect mild ester aromas but backed up by light grapefruit and pine notes from Chinook hops which are balanced by late additions of the more delicate, citrus and floral Celeia.
Moor Beer - JJJ - 9% B18
A Triple IPA. This is a real blend of British and American brewing styles. Unlike many Imperial IPA’s being brewed today this is made with 100% malt, adding a depth of flavour beyond the hop character. Deep copper in colour, over the top in aroma and flavour, but somehow still remaining balanced, this beer is not for the faint of heart
Mourne Mountain - Clan Rye - 4.3% B05
An amber ale brewed with Crystal Rye malts and New Zealand hops
Musket - Matchlock - 3.8% B06
A carefully selected blend of four malts, roasted barley and Kentish hops, has produced this exceptional mild beer of the highest quality and character. Rich and dark, this flavoursome beer is to be enjoyed again and again.
Nene Valley - Simple Pleasures - 3.6% B05
A light clean and refreshing beer with a pleasing citrus hop aroma and flavour. Gluten free
Neptune - Mosaic - 4% B18
Juicy Single Hopped pale using Mosaic, giving blueberry & tropical fruit flavours
New River - Blind Poet - 4.5% B06
A smooth dark porter with four malt varieties providing lightly smoked, liquorice and chocolatey flavours.
New River - Twin Spring - 4% B06
A golden ale brewed with Caramalt providing mellow, caramel flavours and Wai-iti hops from New Zealand creating a wonderful aroma of mandarin, lemon and lime zest
North Cotswold - Hung Drawn 'n' Portered - 5% B03
Treacle coloured porter - Bramling Cross hops and a chocolate & dried fruit malt finish without being too heavy
Old Dairy - Summer Top - 3.6% B06
Brewed with smooth Maris Otter malts balanced perfectly with distinctive Cascade hops for a delicious citrusy flavour. Light, golden and very drinkable.
Old School - Hopscotch - 3.7% B06
A sunshine coloured pale ale. It balances a crisp taste with a delicate lasting happiness of citrus fruits.
Oldershaw - American Hopquad IPA - 5.5% B06
A fresh and lively IPA with 4 all-American hops delicately intertwined to create a unique flavour profile with intense character. Boasting sharp citrus and herbal notes, this light-amber ale is backed with a warm, toasted malt base and late hopped for a distinct orange aroma and crisp finish.
Orkney - Dark Island - 4.6% B05
On the nose, this dark beer offers bitter chocolate, figs, toffee and hints of fruit.On the palate, this resolves into beautiful, silky-smooth, coffee-and-chocolate flavours, followed by figs, dates and dried fruits, with a very appealing, lingering aftertaste of fruits and hop bitterness.
Padstow - Lobster Tale - 4.5% B11
A naturally cloudy and an extremely light and refreshing wheat beer
Padstow - Padstow Pilot - 4% B11
An amber ale brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, a touch of darker malts, and four different types of hop. We favour English hops for this brew with a touch of Slovenian hops for a distinctive aroma and long finish.
Pershore Brewery - Black Screen of Death - 5.2% B03
A wonderful rich oaty stout with notes of liquorice and pine
Phipps NBC - Midsummer Meadow - 3.9% B05
Easy drinking amber gold session ale brewed with fruity, aromatic Amarillo hops.
Pig & Porter - Soul Limbo (Tropical Stout) - 5.5% B06
Tropical stout. Aroma of deep roasted malt, dark chocolate , dark fruits and light tropical notes. Medium sweetness and moderate bitterness
Plain Ales - Inncognito - 4.8% B03
Black, lots of port added to the cask with roasted malt and mature vine fruits.
Problem Child - Tantrum - 4% B06
A dry hopped golden summer ale with hoppy, tropical fruit flavours
Quantock - QBCZ - 4.8% B14
A Quantock twist of a classic style displays a clean tasting golden bock highlighting the lemon and floral characterisitics of this interesting hop region. Hops used: Kazbek & Sladek
Red Cat - Prowler Pale - 3.6% B06
With a very light straw colour, this is an easy drinking session beer. It?s quite fruity, using a range of modern hops to give light citrus notes.
Red Fox - Coggeshall Gold - 4% B08
Very light golden beer with an intense aroma and flavour of lemons, grapefruit and lychee.
Reunion - Isotonic - 4.7% B11
A thirst slaking pale ale brewed with Maris Otter and Carapils malts. Generously hopped with US Cascade and Simcoe bringing a full hit of fruit and citrus
Reunion - Talwar - 4.5% B11
Coriander infused beer. Seriously good with spicy food, but clean cut and refreshing at any time
Revolutions - Swoon - 4.5% B03
Sweet stout with the moreish flavour of chocolate fudge. Malts - Pale, Amber, Crystal, Roasted Barley Oats
Roosters - Capability Brown - 4% B02
A classic best bitter, deep amber in colour and displaying classic English hedgerow hop characteristics harnessed from a blend of Challenger, Fuggles and Whitbread Goldings Variety hops
Roosters - London Thunder - 4.2% B02
A classic approach to a style of beer first developed in Victorian London. Roasted malt and chocolate flavours are abound in London Thunder; a smooth, dark porter brewed using a blend of seven malts and English hops
Rudgate - Ruby Mild - 4.4% B05
Nutty rich ruby ale. Winner of several awards.
S43 (Was Sonnet 43) - Fat White - 6% B18
A proper New England-style IPA. Taking flavours and textures to the max, expect a mango tropical taste with a hint of pine that's dry-hop heavy but makes bitterness take a backseat. There's Carapils malt, oats, a barley named after an Otter (of all things) and aged vanilla beans to enhance the milkshake taste
S43 (Was Sonnet 43) - The Raven - 4.3% B18
Six malts as well as oats give this sweet stout its sumptuous base. Expect bitter yet silky chocolateyness from cocoa nibs and chocolate malt which gives way to smoky sweetness from bourbon liquor and oak
Salcombe - Island Street Porter - 5.9% B02
A rich and velvety porter with a blend of eight malts producing hints of dark chocolate, coffee and black cherry which combined with British hops, creates an aroma reminiscent of Black Forest gateaux.
Salcombe - Lifesaver - 4.8% B02
This tasty bronze coloured ale has a pleasant malty flavour with a smack of citrus and orange peel. The initial citrus flavour gently fades into a subtle liquorice and toffee character with a floral finish.
Settle - No.3 Nine Standards Porter - 4.7% B05
Classic robust porter; black and creamy, with a heady mix of rich caramel and coffee
Shiny - Wrench - 4.5% B08
Stout with six different malts for complex and rich flavour profile
Six Degrees North - Chopper - 4.1% B18
A rich and concentrated stout without being too intense. A well-integrated malty backbone makes this essential drinking for lovers of dark beer. Chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours
Stealth Brew Co - Solitude - 5.3% B03
Full bodied jet black beer with aromas of licorice, roasted coffee, chocolate with a delicate pleasant aftertaste
Steam Machine - Pastures New - 5.6% B18
Wild Flower and Honey English IPA: A modern pale ale, brewed with native English hop varieties: Fuggles, Goldings, and Northdown. To compliment the grassy and floral qualities of the hops, we added wild flowers, including dog rose, elder, and red clover. On top of this we used meadow honey at the end of the boil. We dry hopped this just as we would any IPA. The end result is a delicately crisp and clean pale ale, floral and hoppy on the nose, with a refreshingly balanced bitterness, and a touch of honey.
Steam Machine - The Brown - 5.3% B18
Modern generously hopped brown ale.The Brown is more wholesome than a barrow full of multigrain cobs. Rich, unctuous, velvety and other good words, it would beat an IPA in an arm wrestle
Thurstons - Saison - 5% B04
A Straw coloured beer with pepper & spicy yeast tones, a light hop presence with a dry finish.
Time and Tide - Manfred - 5% B18
Full bodied, double dry hopped with a wonderful spicy, fruity flavour. Moderate bitterness. Unfiltered, unfined, vegan friendly
Tintagel - Caliburn - 5.8% B09
Caliburn is a warm, chocolate, spiced, strong dark ale.
Tonbridge - American Pale - 5% B06
A classic, full bodied American Pale Ale with a smooth malty flavour. American Chinook, Cascade and Apollo hops provide a distinctively crisp and refreshing citrus finish.
Top Out - Staple - 4% B08
One of our originals, Staple is our best-selling cask beer; a tasty, smooth, session ale that should be part of everybody’s ‘staple’ beer diet. Brewed with Summit and El Dorado hops from the US
Torrside - Franconia - 5.2% B18
Rauchbier. Deep golden ale brewed with 85% smoked malt, inspired by the smoked beer traditions of Germany
Torrside - Katakana - 5.2% B18
A twist on the classic style, we took a Belgian Blonde with its lightly spicy yeast & noble hop character, and seasoned it lightly with Sorachi Ace, originally a Japanese hop & known for its coconut/lemon/dill notes
Tryst - Carronade - 4.2% B05
Packed full of citrus flavours from the distinctive Washington state hops used, combined with pale malt and Carron valley water to create a real thirst- quenching treat.
Twisted Barrel - God's Twisted Sister - 4.5% B18
Full-bodied oatmeal stout with notes of chocolate, coffee and liquorice
Weal Ale - Centwealial Milk Stout - 4.9% B04
A beautiful sweet and creamy milk stout, with a rich chocolate taste and a silky smooth finish
Weal Ale - Lemon & Ginger Weal - 5.5% B04
A strong golden ale, made with Pale and Cara malt and single hopped with Chinook hops. The addition of ginger and lemon gives it a distinctive citrus and spiciness kick.
Weal Ale - Weller Weal - 4.6% B04
A delicious pale ale made with extra pale malt and oodles of Mosaic and Citra hops. Additional Citra during fermentation ensures it is hoppy throughout with a lovely citrusy finish
Welbeck Abbey - Henrietta - 3.6% B04
Golden Ale packed full of wonderful hop character. Challenger hops provide the bitter note and balance perfectly with the citrus and fresh grassy nose of the Cascade and Hallertaur Brewers Gold varieties.
White Horse - Black Beauty Mild - 3.9% B04
Rich ruby mild in colour, using the best chocolate malts and fine English Fuggle hops to achieve a flavour that leaves the rest of the herd behind like a true champion.
White Rock - Pushang - 3.8% B09
Our zesty pale ale has been crafted with pride, in support of The Eleanor Foundation. With a pure golden colour and gentle effervescence, this is a true summertime beer. Carefully selected hop varieties have been used to provide a light floral aroma which mingles amicably with the subtle honeyed sweetness. Refreshing, yet with a generous length of flavour, this well-balanced seasonal brew is an appealing addition to our range.
Wild Beer - Bibble - 4.2% B04
Brewed with Vienna Malt and Oats, an unusual mouth filling malt base. Hopped with beautiful Mosaic hops, renowned for their tropical fruit beauty, helped along with some nice orangey Amarillo hops both at the end of the boil and in the dry hop. It is unfined, so naturally hazy. A moreish bitterness is complimented by tropical fruit tastiness.
Wilde Child - Opaque Reality - 5.9% B03
A juice bomb of an IPA with bags of Galaxy and Citra hops with a decent hit of real fruits and lactose for a creamy mouthfeel.
Wilde Child - The Italian Job - 6% B03
With more velvety dark malts, lactose and tiramisu flavouring crammed into it than a scrap yard of Mini Coopers, this super decadent milkshake stout will be sure to blow your bloody doors off and make sure you come back for another helping
Williams Brothers - Seven Giraffes - 5.1% B05
A blend of 7 grains, 3 hop starins and a late infusion of Elderflower & Lemon: This aromatic IPA was named by Scott's daughter. It pours a deep gold with aroma's of elderflower and citrus hops, followed by sweet caramel. On the tounge the biscuity malts are perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the hops, freshness of the lemon & lingering floral elderflower aftertaste. An extraordinary brew.
Wimbledon - Quartermaine - 5.8% B02
Quartermaine is a great example of an English style IPA. The fruity, spicy, floral hop aromas lead to a full, rich, almost light fruit cake middle palate, ending with a clean dry bitter finish.
Windswept - Weizen - 5.2% B09
A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel.
Wishbone - Cloudy With A Chance Of Hops - 5.9% B18
Collaboration brew with Thirst Class from Stockport, this is our take on a New England IPA, Dry Hopped, Unfined, Cloudy Craft-Murk! We hope you like Ahtanum, Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin hops
Wishbone - Greenflute - 4.2% B18
A Gluten Free beer, very light in colour Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe. Unfined 5% When we say Gluten Free, this is naturally brewed Gluten Free and Lab tested
Wold Top - Against The Grain - 4.5% B05
Full flavoured bitter beer with a good creamy head, refreshing bitterness and citrus aftertaste. Gluten free.
Wold Top - Scarborough Fair IPA - 6% B05
A melodic brew full of coastal harmony. Gluten free, strong and well hopped for the voyage, sending IPA from the Wolds to the world. Brewed with predominantly Wold grown pale ale malt base, maize and triple hop blend.
Wye Valley - Hereford Pale Ale (HPA) - 4% B06
HPA is a truly delightful pale ale. It's smooth on the palate, and boasts a citrus hop aroma leading to a balanced bitter finish. Locally grown Target and Celeia hops play an important part in making this such a distinctive beer. With Maris Otter pale malt and malted wheat also being used, this is very much a pale ale with all the right ingredients.
Yeovil Ales - Hopkandi - 3.8% B04
Golden in colour, Hopkandi has been brewed using Comet and Godiva whole hops to give a well-balanced fruity citrus flavour with a moreish finish