The Great British Beer Festival

Each bar has a selection of beers available at any time. The LiveBar pages show you the latest beery updates from each bar. This is most up-to-date beer list and is regularly updated throughout the festival

The beer lists will be updated periodically during the festival to give a more accurate list of what is available.

Disclaimer: Please note that we make no guarantee of availability. Due to the nature of the event, there will be a delay between beers running out and being updated.

Bar B01

Windsor Castle

LiveBar 1

Gin & Wine B02

Gin & Wine Bar

Gin & Wine

Bar B03

Edinburgh Castle

LiveBar 3

Bar B04

Giant's Causeway

LiveBar 4

Bar B05

Brewery Bars

LiveBar 5

Bar B06

Brewery Bars

LiveBar 6

Bar B07

Brewery Bars

LiveBar 7

Bar B08

Brewery Bars

LiveBar 8

Bar B09

Ben Nevis

LiveBar 9

Cider B10

Cider & Perry Bar

LiveBar 10

Bar B12

Caernarfon Castle

LiveBar 12

Bar B14

Angel of the North

LiveBar 14

Bar B15


LiveBar 15

Bar B16

Brandenburg Gate

LiveBar 16

Bar 17

Statue of Liberty

LiveBar 17

Bar B18

Maidan Square

LiveBar 18