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Last updated Sat 06th August 15:35

Acorn - Summer Pale - 4.1% B14
A clear, light straw coloured wheat beer with slight bitterness and a floral aroma
Bakers Dozen - Magic Potion No 2 - 3.8% B14
A brand new beer from this brewery. Brewed using new U.S variety Loral hops.
Burton Town - Cascade - 5.6% B14
Our American West Coast style IPA packed full of Cascade hops. Grapefruit bitterness to compliment the citrus notes and plenty of body.
Chantry - Diamond Black Stout - 4.5% B14
Full bodied dry stout with a bitter finish, spicy with hints of liquorice and dark berries. Brewed using the finest Yorkshire malts and roast barley.
Cheddar - Bitter Bully - 3.8% B14
A very drinkable straw-coloured session beer with a big hop aroma and dry citrus finish. You can't beat a Bitter Bully.
Cheddar - Goat's Leap - 5.5% B14
Goat's Leap is a contemporary IPA that stays close to the style's traditional roots. Full-bodied, strong and with a striking bitter finish, it's a big beer brimming with hop character. Goat's Leap is brewed using the best quality Maris Otter and Crystal malts and hopped with a blend of English whole hops.
Church End - Goat's Milk - 3.8% B14
Golden yellow nectar. Pale barley, crystal malt and oats, blend to fill the palate with flavour. Aromatic hops dance over the tongue for a gentle hop finish.
Cliff Quay - Black Jack Porter - 4.2% B14
A rich aniseed and roasted aniseed aroma, heralds the warming depths of complex and intriguing this porter with a twist. Deepest and darkest ruby black in colour, with a pale creamy head, the flavours strike in waves, aniseed, roasted grains, sweetness, bitterness combined and then finally an aniseed aftertaste. A marmite beer, you will love it or hate it!
Copper Dragon - Black Gold - 3.7% B14
A recipe created from restored brewing records from the 1800's. The use of traditional coloured and roasted malts give a unique rich and luscious flavour.
Enville - Ginger - 4.6% B14
Produced using root extract ginger this ingeniously created ginger beer has a flavour which is not overpowering and is very refreshing
Exmoor - Silver Stallion - 4.3% B14
A robustly flavoured beer with a fresh and fruity nose (hints of blackcurrant), plus biscuity maltiness in the background. In the mouth it’s full-bodied and malty at the starting post with a hint of blackcurrant, while citrus and spice overtones join in the race; the initial grainy malty finish is followed by a growing and lingering bitterness
Fernandes - Malt Shovel Mild - 3.8% B14
Dark full bodied mild, roast malt & chocolate flavours lead to dry malty finish.
Firebird Brewing Co - Parody - 4.5% B14
The big malt base of this amber ale acts as a great foundation to a storm of modern and traditional hops yielding powerful bitterness, huge aroma and long satisfying finish. A true Session IPA
Fixed Wheel - Blackheath Stout - 5% B14
Full Bodied fruity stout dedicated to the home of our Blackheath Brewery, brewed with New Zealand and English hops to give an Oaky bitterness and a dark fruits finish.
Goose Eye - Black Moor - 3.9% B14
A moreish dark mild. Full of character, with a delightful blend of roasted malted barley and hops to create a luxurious finish
Gorilla - Vanilla Gorilla - 5% B14
A rich porter with chocolate and vanilla flavours. A complex malt flavour from dark crystal, chocolate and roast malts combined with natural cacao and vanilla extract.
Green Duck - Blackout - 5% B14
Oatmeal Cookie Stout mashed with chocolate chip cookies and shed loads of flaked oats. A decadent velvety mouth- feel and rich chocolate and biscuit flavours
Hobsons - Champion Mild - 3.2% B14
A smooth character and notes of chocolate malt, which gives this beer plenty of flavour and belies its strength. A British classic crafted to a special recipe makes this a nutty mild that's packed full of flavour. Brewed with Maris Otter malting barley, pale chocolate malt and crystal malt and British variety hops Fuggles and Goldings from Worcestershire
Kirkstall - Pale Ale - 4% B14
Wonderfully golden session beer. Fresh malt and hop aroma lead to a satisfying bitter finish.
Little Valley - Python IPA - 6% B14
Python IPA is a straw coloured, double hopped, original IPA. It provides a strong malty taste with a delicious balance of hops and bitterness. This beer will easily survive the long journey to India.
Loddon - Hocus Pocus - 4.6% B14
Brewed using the ever popular English Goldings with the addition of Fuggle Hops, pale and dark malts, with a small amount of invert sugar, combine to form a rich, smooth traditional dark ale
Loose Cannon - Robust British Porter - 5% B14
Robust porter. Rich roasted malt aroma, moderately sweet with hints of dark chocolate and a smooth espresso finish. A nourishing pint for the porter connoisseur.
Ludlow - Ludlow Blonde - 4% B14
Refreshing citrus pale ale with a striking hop profile. Vibrant zesty aromas lead to a crisp lemony finish. Our signature extra pale ale is perfect for summer
Magic Rock - Dark Arts - 6% B14
Dark Arts blends 4 malts and bags of whole hops to deliver a decadently deep and indulgent experience. A luxuriously smooth mouthfeel, is followed by spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figs. The finish is rich and satisfying with a lingering roasted bitterness.
Magic Rock - Hat Trick - 3.7% B14
A modern take on a traditional pale ale in association with Huddersfield Town FC. A complex and satisfyingly malty body allied to fruity US Citra and Eureka hops.
Malvern Hills - Olicana - 4.2% B14
An extra pale ale with mango, grapefruit, and passion fruit notes
Nightjar - Kaleidoscope World - 4% B14
Our super pale session is loaded with our two favourite NZ hops, Nelson & Motueka. Dry hopped to deliver extra flavour, expect lively, clean & crisp citrus notes with gooseberries and a hint of mango.
North Cotswold - Summer Solstice - 4.2% B14
An English style wheat beer with German and Czech hops and a touch of spice in the aroma.
Salopian - Darwin's Origin - 4.3% B14
A copper coloured beer that evolves with a pronounced hop character which leads to a refined malt finish.
Shortts Farm - Indie - 4.8% B14
A golden IPA with aromas of Pine forests and citrus fruits and a subtle but refreshing citrus fruit flavour followed by a spicy and almost honey like lingering bitter finish
Stealth Brew Co - Covert - 3.9% B14
A duo of citrusy hops gives this pale session ale a mouthful of grapefruit, lime and mango. Unfined, Vegan & Hazy
Stealth Brew Co - Enigma - 4.2% B14
Classic stout flavours of chocolate and roast coffee are overlaid with a pleasant smooth, creaminess provided by the oats
Thames Side - Black Swan Porter - 5.5% B14
Classic London Porter with lots of brown, chocolate and crystal malts giving a wonderful rich roasted flavour, complemented with Fuggles and Golding hops from Kent
Thames Side - White Swan - 4.2% B14
Hoppy US style pale ale, bursting with Chinook and Columbus hops from Washington State in the US Northwest, to give it a gorgeous citrus flavour
Thurstons - Un-American Pale Ale - 4.6% B14
American Pale Ale. We are calling it Un-American because while it has hops of an American strain they are all grown in England.
Twisted Barrel - Readers & Writers - 4% B14
With the sweet tropical notes and intense blueberry flavour of Mosaic hops, layered on a super smooth base of Barley and Wheat malt, this is an awesomely refreshing beer