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Last updated Fri 05th August 19:01

Alechemy - Bad Day at the Office - 4.5% B03
A light golden ale with a heavy hop bitterness and flavoured with a strong fruit and citrus aroma.
Barefaced - Peacock Bitter - 3.5% B03
Toasty malt sweetness, hints of caramel, and a background of light fruitiness. Blended old and new world hops give crisp bitterness and complexity
Bath Ales (St Austell) - Bath Gem - 4.1% B03
Gem is a quintessentially English beer, brewed with skill and passion using floor-malted Maris Otter barley and Goldings hops from Kent. Gem contains wheat and barley malt. 4.1% abv
Bath Ales (St Austell) - Monterey - 3.9% B03
Full of pine and tropical notes, it's a refreshing, flavourful and sessionable beer as golden as the sands of Monterey Bay.
Bellfield - Lawless Village IPA - 4.5% B03
A copper coloured, aromatic beer brewed as a traditional American IPA made with pale and crystal malts and Cascade and Centennial American hops for a modern, citrusy finish
Billericay - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - 5% B03
Three US hops are added 3 times in the brewing process to give a fruity ale that is deceptively drinkable
Bragdy Twt Lol - Cwrw'r Afr Serchog - Horny Goat Ale - 4.5% B03
Golden but malty ale brewed with United States and New Zealand hops. Uses a hint of 'Horny Goat Weed' in this brew, a herb used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, said to be an aphrodisiac.
Bridgetown - Albert Ale - 3.8% B03
A light easy session beer with well balanced hops and malt.
Bridgetown - Shark Island Stout - 4.5% B03
Dark bitter grain, deep finish with coffee, a hint of liquorice and hops.
Burning Sky - Aurora - 5.6% B03
Our premium strength pale ale, Aurora has a satisfying blend of malts to provide a juicy backbone and a pale amber colour.An expansive blend of US hops give a resinous mouthfeel - big citrus & tropical fruit flavours, which are prominent, yet well balanced.
Burning Sky - Plateau - 3.5% B03
Pale gold in colour, with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Plateau has been hopped at different stages of the brew, with a big mix of US & NZ hops to satisfy the discerning drinker.Full in flavour, zesty, refreshing & low in alcohol, this beer will have you returning to the bar for another.
Colchester - Brazilian - 4.6% B03
A well balanced chocolate vanilla porter.
Cross Borders - Braw - 4.5% B03
Braw hits you with juicy flavours and aromas of Stone Fruit, Pineapple and subtle Citrus; a luscious mouthfeel and a crisp pleasing finish
Crossed Anchors - Big Red Ale - 5.3% B03
As the name suggests this is a big red ale, full of Devon Malt from Warminster Malting and Pilgrim hops from Ken this is a classic strong red English ale
Crouch Vale - Blackwater Mild - 3.7% B03
Smooth and malty dark mild for drinking in quantity! Fruity and full
Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold - 4% B03
Supreme Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival 2005 AND 2006, this is a pale, refreshing and hoppy beer with gorgeous aromas of tropical fruits
Exeter - Avocet - 3.9% B03
Devon's original organic real ale. Since it's creation in 2008, this ale has been a favorite from the start. A distinctly flavoured beer, with a refreshing citrus taste and an attractive aroma.
Exeter - Darkness - 5.1% B03
Black and velvety as midnight. This is a well-balanced but complex chocolate stout. Deliciously smooth, made with our special recipe which include seven separate grain types.The rich bitter-chocolate taste is created using a complex mash of premium malts including Chocolate Malt, which derives its characteristic coffee/chocolate flavour and aroma from subtle roasting during the malting process.
Glamorgan - Jemima's Pitchfork - 4.4% B03
A pale, crisp beer brewed with Citra and Eldorado hops giving a brilliant undertone of citrus, pear and melon.
Glamorgan - Welsh Cake Stout - 4.8% B03
Inspired by one of Wales' favourite treats, this beer is made with a mix of oats and raisins to a brew. The result is a rich, dark, and chewy stout with a slightly sweet vinous character, alongside the biscuity effect of oats and barley.
Gower - Gower Gold - 4.5% B03
Thirst quenching golden ale, refreshing citrus flavours and the lovely aroma of the cascade hops.
Gower - Sunrise - 4% B03
Easy drinking blonde beer, which is infused with Cascade and Citra hops
Great Newsome - Liquorice Lads Stout - 4.3% B03
This stout combines the heady aromas of Pontefract cakes with German hops, roast malt flavours and, of course, real liquorice
Grey Trees - Afghan Pale Ale - 5.4% B03
Crafted like an American pale ale, we use Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops. The Maris Otter malt provides a perfect light colour and dryness to compliment the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops. These gives a tropical hop aroma paired with the unique taste combination of these three distinctive hop varieties making it both full in flavour and crispy thirst-quenching.
Gun Brewery - Scaramanga - 3.9% B03
A refreshing extra pale session ale, brewed using Sussex spring water, extra pale malts and an indecent amount of zesty, floral, oh so delicious hops.
Half Moon - Chrysos - 4.1% B03
English pale ale, clean malt base with subtle floral and peach flavours
Half Moon - Dark Masquerade - 3.6% B03
A rich ruby brown ale, packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.Warm, smoky, intriguing.
Leigh on Sea - 2021 Barley Wine - 8.5% B03
Barley Wine is a style to be sipped and savoured. Our 2021 offering has simple, traditional ingredients at its core, but complex flavours of toffee and vinous fruit emerge from a painstaking brewing process
Leigh on Sea - Undisputed Era - 5.5% B03
Brewed with Magnum and Cascade hops it delivers a refreshing, smooth mouthfeel with subtle tropical fruit flavours and a bitter finish that ticks all the boxes
Mumbles - Oystermouth Stout - 4.4% B03
A rich creamy head and dark roasted malt flavours distinguish this classic stout, with the slightest hint of the sea due to real oysters being added.
Otter - Otter Ale - 4.5% B03
This is the beer that started it all. The head of the stable.A premium beer's alcohol content should always be high enough to enable a perfect balance with flavour and aroma. Otter Ale is a very well balanced beer that delivers the flavours of quality floor malted barley and finishes with a combination of fruit and some bitterness. Its nose is a balance of malt and fruit.
Salcombe - Island Street Porter - 5.9% B03
A rich and velvety porter with a blend of eight malts producing hints of dark chocolate, coffee and black cherry which combined with British hops, creates an aroma reminiscent of Black Forest gateaux.
St Austell - Anthem - 3.8% B03
A golden pale ale brewed with 100% British ingredients. The four hop varieties; Target, Olicana, Jester and Harlequin, bring the beer's mango, peach, apricot, melon, and tangerine flavours.
St Austell - Big Job - 7.2% B03
Powerful Citra and Centenial hop flavours dominate.
St Austell - Hicks - 5% B03
Enjoy a strong toffee and raisin aroma before diving into rich, complex notes of fruity biscuit. It’s a classic ale forged from plenty of malt and lashings of English Progress and Golden hops
St Austell - Korev - 4.8% B03
It's taken us nearly 160 years to create the perfect lager, and we wanted to make sure it was uniquely Cornish. Crafted at our brewery in St Austell, we've used the finest lager malt from barley grown right here in Cornwall. Korev has a wonderful pale colour and a clean, crisp taste, bottled in amber glass to protect the freshness. We think you'll agree it's been worth the wait.
St Austell - Mena Dhu Stout - 4.5% B03
Complex and flavoursome. Deceptively light and refreshing. Subtle oak smoked aroma. Hint of dark chocolate taste. Delicate touch of liquorice on the finish.
St Austell - Proper Job - 4.5% B03
A powerfully hopped golden bitter that explodes with citrus grapefruit flavours
St Austell - Tribute - 4.2% B03
Tribute is a popular favourite with locals and visitors to Cornwall, as well as being a much sought after brand throughout the rest of the UK. It is brewed using specially grown Cornish Gold Malt.
Sulwath - Criffel - 4.6% B03
This is an India pale ale which presents rounded flavours of hops and malt, with a delicate overlay of bitterness. Three different hops varieties are used in the brewing process, using a full mash of best
Three Brothers - S'more Porter - 4.8% B03
A rich marshmallow porter with a smooth roasted chocolate finish. Designed to bring out fond memories of eating sweet stuff and burning things
Three Brothers - ThaIPA - 4.1% B03
A lemongrass infused, Hoppy Session IPA. This beer was designed to hold it's own in flavour but at a noticeably lower ABV.