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Last updated Sun 13th November 20:52

4Ts - SPA - 3.8% B01
Session Pale Ale, dual hopped with El Dorado & Simcoe hops to deliver gentle bittering with tropical fruit, grapefruit and pine aromas
4Ts - Squirrel's Heaven - 4.8% B01
Peanut butter stout, nutty and smooth
Ashover Brewery - 1910 Porter - 5% B01
Traditional London style porter using an original 1910 recipe and authentic London yeast
Ashover Brewery - Elderflower - 4% B01
Refreshing, crisp and quaffable. Brewed with more fresh elderflowers than you can shake a stick at.
Ayr - The Coming of the Lord - 5.7% B01
Low bitterness, soft mouthfeel, juicy, fruity and hazy. Brewed with extra pale malt, oats and wheat. Hopped in the copper with Mount Hood, Citra and Mosaic. Dry hopped in both the fermentation and conditioning tanks with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic & Amarillo.
Beartown - Creme Bearlee - 4.8% B01
A velvety stout with burnt cream, Madagascan Vanilla and molasses
Black Hole - Cyborg - 5.5% B01
Cyborg is a rich golden ale, with a combination of goldings and pilgrim hops that provide a citrus aroma, with a bitter taste.
Burnside - Flint's Gold - 4.1% B01
Easy Drinking with a good body, Flint's Gold is a hand crafted beer that combines best quality pale and crystal malts, married to a blend of hops including Pilgrim and Cascade to deliver a fruity, apricot and well hopped finish
Burnside - Lift & Shift - 4% B01
Lift & Shift is our beloved beer child. Born from the promises of spring and warmer weather, this beer is made with a pinch of orange peel, a dash of coriander, and three hop varieties. A balanced grain profile and hop additions make this beer approachable, time and time again
Chiltern - Chiltern Gold - 3.9% B01
This light golden honeyed ale dances across the tongue with summer flavours. Biscuity malt notes and hopped with the UK grown Cascade producing a beautiful citrus & grapefruit aroma
Dancing Duck - Ay Up - 3.9% B01
An eminently drinkable pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.
Downham Isle - Main Street Citra - 3.5% B01
An IPA with citrus, lemon and melon flavours & a mid range bitter finish
Elusive - Inertia - 3.6% B01
This bright and easy going session pale packs a big citrus punch with flavours of lemon, lime and grapefruit from classic US Citra hops.
Elusive - Oregon Trail - 5.8% B01
Oregon Trail is a classically-styled West Coast IPA. Simcoe, Chinook and Columbus hops combine to deliver a resinous profile with a citrus undertone. The bitterness help to balance the light caramel flavours of the malts
Great Corby - Signal Peak APA - 4.4% B01
A light bodied, amber coloured American style pale ale. A tropical and citrus aroma coming from the American hops finishing with notes of pine
Harbour - Big Wednesday - 5.6% B01
A hazy IPA with aromas of ripe tropical fruit and flavours of juicy mango & papaya. A nice soft mouth feel that is bold and robust
Kelchner - Honey Trap - 4.8% B01
This beer is brewed with gallons of Bedfordshire honey complimented by a generous portion of malt, wheat, hops, orange and spices. You are overwhelmed with fresh aromas of wild honey flowers, citrus & spice, giving a refreshingly delicious brew
Kirkby Lonsdale - Jubilee Stout - 5.5% B01
Jubilee is a powerful stout at 5.5% ABV Brewed with a carefully balanced selection of chocolate and black malts along with a hint of roasted barley. Jubilee is a smooth stout allowing hints of pale malt and liquorice to show through.
Kirkby Lonsdale - Tiffin Gold - 3.6% B01
Intense fruity smell and taste with a lasting bitter finish with citrus and grapefruit present
Liberation - Herm Gold - 4.2% B01
A perfectly balanced, light ale with a sweet maltiness from the Maris Otter Pale Ale and Crystal malts. The citric, floral hop is derived from Fuggles, Goldings and several continental varieties.
Liberation - Liberation IPA - 4.8% B01
This tasty English-style IPA has pineapple and citrus aromas combined with a bittersweet, lightly floral finish
Milton - Minotaur - 3.3% B01
A rich dark mild with bags of character from the lavish use of chocolate malt.Part of the Classic range of beers.
Muirhouse - Magnum Mild - 4.5% B01
Smooth, rich, dark, strong mild
Oakham Ales - Citra - 4.2% B01
A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish
Padstow - Windjammer - 4.3% B01
Smooth, malty finish & a distinctive spiced fruit aroma.
Papworth - Mild Thing - 3.5% B01
This mild ale is full of flavour and delivers a smooth and delicate hop finish
Rebellion - Overthrow - 4.3% B01
An easy drinking, well balanced pale ale with a pleasing hoppy aroma. Brewed with exclusively 100% Marris Otter pale ale malt which gives a clean and crisp base. British hops First Gold and Goldings add citrus and floral notes. American Citra hops added to the hopback add a distinct aroma of grapefruit and tropical fruit
Redwillow - Headless - 3.9% B01
Refreshingly floral pale ale with a dry hop bitterness and a light, quenching hint of citrus.
Redwillow - Soulless - 5.9% B01
A black IPA with an aroma of roasted caramel. Roasted malt flavour with fruity and bitter hoppiness at the finish.
Skinners - Hops 'n' Honey - 4% B01
Floral beneath a delicate, spicy tangerine scent with a touch of toffee. And its bittersweet finish is great for game, sausages or a chocolate fudge sundae.
Skinners - Lushingtons - 4.2% B01
A cool, hop-laden pale ale brewed using traditional methods with Cornish water, whole-flower Citra, Belma and Willamette hops, Cornish malted barley and wheat, and Skinner's unique yeast.
Stardust - Easy Pale Citra - 3.8% B01
An easy going, thirst-quenching pale ale brewed with a subtle blend of American hops and a pale malt body.
Stardust - Hop Tub - 6.3% B01
Do you like your fruity hops? This unfined pale packs the fruity flavours like your morning fruit juice
Tempest - The Pale Armadillo - 3.8% B01
21st century Session IPA bursting with hop favour. Expect big upfront citrus fruits in this fantastic session ale.
Thornbridge - Escape - 5% B01
A Pina Colada Pale. It explodes with a resplendent bouquet of tropical fruit including of course huge notes of pineapple and coconut. It's fresh, fruity and the perfect complement to a summers day
Thornbridge - Jaipur - 5.9% B01
A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.
Tirril - Red Barn Ale - 4.4% B01
A traditional beer with a rich nut-brown colour, a good malty body, using plenty of roast and crystal barleys and also a solid hop character, featuring three classic British hops; Challenger, Fuggles and Goldings
Twisted Wheel - Speed Wobble - 4.7% B01
Speed Wobble is packed with a heady amount of Citra Cryo showcasing a subtle burst of passion fruit, mango, citrus and pithy grapefruit. Added Oats to the grist give this little Session IPA a smoother mouthfeel and is super crushable
Ulverston - Laughing Gravy - 4% B01
One of our original and most popular beers. A light, copper beer with a balance between malt and hops, leaving a thirst-quenching aftertaste.
Whim Ales - Caskade - 4.2% B01
Big citrus nose and lovely whack of hops develop beautifully in this highly quaffable beer. Intense citrus flavours blend well with the lager malt without being overpowering. It's not just the extremely satisfying crisp dry finish that makes this another really special beer.
Windswept - American Indian Pale Ale (APA) - 5% B01
Traditional India Pale Ale with a new world twist. Citrus hops balanced with complex malts. Long tangy finish.
XT - Eight (8) - 4.5% B01
A smooth rich dark beer brewed with a careful blend of four malts along with a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep malty base with dark chocolate flavours, very balanced beer.
XT - Animal - Hop Kitty - 3.9% B01
Low on ABV pale ale, huge on Hops. Packed with more Citra and Cascade than ever before. HopKitty is bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours. Lighty toasted malts give a hint of sweetness before a second round of hops, big Mango and Lychee zest courtesy of a generous Citra third round of dry hopping